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I can make it without you, I'm going all the way 
I Can Make It Without You, I'm Going All The Way 
IF You Only Knew 
If You only Knew! 
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District Elder Parrish Smith
John 4:28-29 02-25-18
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In today's society news spreads like wild fire. Something may occur in Chicago then ten minutes later it is known worldwide. There is a story in the word of God about a woman who encountered Christ at a well. After meeting Him her life was never the same, she was quick to run and tell of her experience. Are we, that are saints of God Running and Telling of His goodness

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No Ifs Buts or And About It
by District Elder Parrish Smith Luke 12:41-46
When we see this phrase No IF Buts or Ands About It, we think of certainty, no questions asked. What does today's sermon tell us?

Tell Jericho I'm Coming
by District Elder Parrish Smith Joshua 6:6:15-16
What is Jericho, for many of us we look at Jericho as a wall that symbolically was prevent Israel from entering the land that God had promised. However, many of us have a Jericho situation in our lives and we have to learn how tell Jericho that we are coming in the name of the Lord. No longer are we fearful, no longer will we doubt, but we will STAND on God's promises and trust in HIM. Today I will tell Jericho I'm coming and will not be defeated.


I'll Never Forget
by District Elder Parrish Smith Nehemiah 9:19-21
How often we forget of things that are important. It's not unusual to forget someone's birthday, their age and appointments. However, we should never forget the goodness of the Lord, nor should we forget all of his many blessings that He's bestowed upon us.

I Like What I Got
by District Elder Parrish Smith John 7:37-39
Holding on to useless items is sometimes difficult to let go. In John 7:37-39, God promised us a new covenant and the guarantee of the power of the Holy Ghost, Acts 1:8. We struggle with letting go of our old sinful behaviors , but God is just and righteous concerning His promise. Once you let go of your self and unclean ways and put on righteousness You can make a new declaration " I Like What I Got"