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Creative and relevant teaching is a life strand in First Christian Church's DNA. Instead of having someone preach at you, our pastors choose to share biblical truth and spiritual insights in a way that is authentic to them and useful to you.

Latest Sermon
Constructing Life Jan Hanson
: 2016-05-08
Constructing Life Audio - Buiding a Solid Life
building a life with Jesus as the foundation

Recent Sermons
Constructing Life
- Pastor Adrian Guetter, : Bible
Constructing Life

All Religions are Correct
- Pastor Allen Gallaway, : Following Jesus
Not all paths lead to the one God


Rumor Has It (Week 3)
- Pastor Allen Gallaway, : Following Jesus
Rumor Has It (Week 3)

April 10, 2016
- Pastor Allen Gallaway, :
God wont give you more than you can handle?


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