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Latest Sermon
A Clean Heart Pastor Beth Giller
John 12:20-33 2018-03-18
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We are chronic sinners. God is merciful, forgives and can redirect us.

Recent Sermons
There Is More Than John 3:16
- Don Clark, John 3:14-21
Jesus is not only God but the Son of God and our Savior.

Righteous Anger
- Pastor Beth Giller, : No Topic
Discuss how Jesus had and dely with anger.


Oh, What the Light Can Do
- Don Clark, Mark 9:2-9
On that day Jesus became Illuminated beyond anything ever seen.. We had a visual of Jesus as the Light

The Authority of Jesus: Healing
- Pastor Beth Giller, Mark 1:29-39
Healing is a restoration not just the curing of illness and represents Jesus' power over brokeness


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St. Mark Lutheran Church worship schedule as of 1/5/2014 Traditional Lutheran Service at 8:30am Contemporary Workship service at 10:45am Sunday School for adults and youth at 9:30am