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Highs And Lows Pastor Beth Giller
Acts 2:1-21 2018-05-20
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God is always with us, during our highs and lows. What does it mean when we call the holy spirit the advocate? Jesus sends the spirit before us as an advocate for us. He does this so the spirit can guide us, and to connect us to God.

Recent Sermons
- Pastor Beth Giller, 1 John 5:9-13
Ways we use testimony: 1. Products and Services, 2. Witness of something in court, 3. Our experience of faith. All of these have similarities: 1. the commonality of our experience, 2. A unique interpr... [more]

The Combustion Factor
- Pastor Kent Wilson, John 15:9-17
Jesus took his time telling the disciples about his death. If we are comfortable, we are not going to want to change or move. Two things that make us move: unexpected change, and when we know someone ... [more]


"The True Vine"
- Pastor Beth Giller, John 15:1-8
Vine requires something to hold on to. Jesus True Vine, God is Vine Grower, we are branches. Christ within us. Abide - powerful word (in Gospel)-infused with Spirit of Jesus.

"The Good Shepherd"
- Pastor Beth Giller, John 10:11-18
Jesus is our Shepherd - He knows us, provides boundaries, stays with us, calls to us, keeps His flock together, Jesus loves His sheep. We are part of His flock and He chooses to be our Shepherd.


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St. Mark Lutheran Church worship schedule as of 1/5/2014 Traditional Lutheran Service at 8:30am Contemporary Workship service at 10:45am Sunday School for adults and youth at 9:30am