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"Be Careful What You Wish For" Pastor Beth Giller
Mark 10:35-45 2018-10-21
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Sometimes it is a problem to wish to change your circumstances. It is ok to pray for desires, but there are pitfalls and consequences. 1) Dissatisfaction 2) Difficult to be grateful 3) Don't understand the implications. What we need to do is not focus on ourselves, but focus on Christ and others.

Recent Sermons
A Great High Priest
- Pastor Beth Giller, Mark 10:17-31
Jesus is now the great high priest that we go to for atonement, intersession and approaches God for us.

"God is Still Speaking"
- Pastor Beth Giller, Hebrews 1:1-4; 1-4
In Old Testament God spoke through the prophets. In New Testament God speaks through Jesus. Though cultures different, and the way of communication is different, God still speaks to us.


Problems and Possibilities
- Pastor Beth Giller, Mark 9:38-50
When you have problems, God will help out. He will put people in your lives to help you.

Taming The Tongue
- Pastor Beth Giller, Mark 8:27-38
The tongue can be used for positive and negative speech. You can use it to hurt or to help.


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