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Latest Sermon
Breaking Barriers Pastor Beth Giller
Acts 11:1-18 2019-05-19
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We should allow the Holy Spirit work by moving us towards those who are outcast. We need to break those barriers so we can love those who are different from us.

Recent Sermons
Stephen Ministries
- Stephen Ministries, John 13:34-35
Stephen Ministers share their experience in the training process to provide help through listening and caring for those who need it.

In The Mean Time
- Pastor Beth Giller, John 21:1-19
Most of the time we mark our lives with milestones. In the mean time we live our lives day to day. That is when we miss a lot of opportunity to see God working in our lives.


"Grace. Growth, and Doubting Hearts"
- Emily Hemminger, John 20:19-31
It's ok to have questions and doubt. This can help us develop our faith even more. Our faith is a journey. Jesus is with us in all our moments.

"The Rest of the Story"
- Pastor Beth Giller, Luke 24:1-12
Easter Sunday. Jesus' resurrection...the rest of the story. The stone was a barrier. As the stone was gone, so was our barrier between God and us. Just as the stone was rolled away on Easter, so G... [more]


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