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Poured Pastor Beth Giller
Matthew 18:15-22 2019-09-22
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Forgiveness is one of the ways to feel the grace and share the grace of God.

Recent Sermons
- Emily Hemminger, Genesis 1:1 -Chapter
God created the earth and all that is in it. His creation is a masterpiece. He gave us dominion (Holy Purpose, Responsibility, Stewardship) over all He created. Like a tapestry we are all woven t... [more]

- Pastor Beth Giller, None 1:1
We have the gift of being created by God, listen to God for direction and claimed by God and we are connected to God.


Humility or Humiliation?
- Pastor Beth Giller, Luke 14:1, 7-14
Jesus chose humility, He humbled himself. If we choose humility we are less likely to be humiliated.

Bent Out Of Shape
- Larry Oberdorf, Luke 13:10-17
When life gets you bent out of shape, drive what ails you out of your heart and give it to God, re-prioritize your life, and fill your heart with love.


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