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Glories Stream Emily Hemminger
Luke 2:8-20 2018-12-09
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Glories stream from heaven above. Pray, open your eyes and celebrate God's glory.

Recent Sermons
In Heavenly Peace
- Pastor Beth Giller, Luke 21:25-36
Heavenly peace is the absence of conflict and the presence of reconciliation.

The Alpha And Omega
- Pastor Beth Giller, Revelation 1:4b-8
As like our relationship with our parents change over time, so does our relationship with Jesus. Jesus's roles in our lives are to be a faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of th... [more]


- Elizabeth Gibson & G. Scott Lacy, Psalm 37:4-7
Special song message.

Lines and Arrows
- Emily Hemminger, Mark 12:38-44
We draw lines because we are uncomfortable, insecure, and pride full. Doing that we miss out on God's call. Jesus wants us to draw arrows away from ourselves so we don't miss out on the call from God.


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St. Mark Lutheran Church worship schedule as of 1/5/2014 Traditional Lutheran Service at 8:30am Contemporary Workship service at 10:45am Sunday School for adults and youth at 9:30am