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Highland Nazarene - I Want America Back Rev Don Frey
: 2016-06-26
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Something is wrong in America. Nothing short of a Great Awakening can save us. When you don’t tell people the truth and you let them go to hell, that is mean and hateful.

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Highland Nazarene - Faith of a Thessalonian!
- Rev. Mike Hefner, :
Amazingly insightful…Wonderfully inspirational…Totally achievable!!!

Highland Nazarene - God of Wonders
- Rev. Mike Hefner, :
Nothing has changed, God is still the God of wonders!


Highland Nazarene - Advent 2015 - Hope
- Rev. Mike Hefner, :
To have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially something that seems possible

Highland Nazarene - Transformed
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Have you ever felt like you were caught on a Merry Go Round?


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